American Style Cookies have arrived at Grand Canal Dock

September 20, 2022


Drunken cookie food truck at Grand Canal Dock

Good news for lovers of cookies and sweet treats, as the extremely popular Drunken Cookie arrives in Grand Canal Dock.

The American style cookie establishment was set up by owner Safia in 2021 and has since taken markets by storm and finding success at markets across the city such as Beaumont and Bushy park. Such the popularity of her unique cookie creations, Safia was able to open her very first food truck, which aims to serve a delicious coffee alongside your mouth watering cookie. Having always dreamed of opening up a cafe, it is safe to say this is definitely a big step for Safia.

The cookies are served hot with whipped cream and sauce over the top which will leaving you wanting more than one trip to the food truck. The drunken cookie is an ideal mid day treat as you pass through the city centre. If you have not been convinced yet to try out these truly extraordinary cookies, Just take a look at their instagram and you will see why making the trip down to Grand Canal dock to try them, is something that you need to do.


Alternatively if you wanted to sample a box of them from the comfort of your home, you can always order a box off their website.

We look forward to seeing what Safia and the Drunken Cookie offer next!