Gilead opens child medicine centre of excellence in Dublin

April 12, 2022

US pharma giant Gilead Sciences has formally opened a centre of excellence in Dublin focusing on the development of medicines for children.

The office, based on the city’s North Dock, will oversee the development of new paediatric versions of its portfolio of medicines.

It is responsible for co-ordinating paediatric clinical trials for seven products across 18 countries. These include trials of treatments for HIV, hepatitis Band Covid-19 for use in children.

Gilead said it plans to expand the remit of the new Dublin operation to include work on clinical trials for adult therapies in development by the US group. It will also be home to part of an artificial intelligence team Gilead is recruiting.

“Gilead’s therapies address some of the world’s most challenging viral diseases, including HIV, viral hepatitis and Covid-19,” said Gilead chief executive and chairman Daniel O’Day, who was in Dublin for the event.

“Our Dublin teams play a critical role in adapting these therapies to treat children.”

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