Ireland’s first ever contactless food store opens its doors in Dublin

February 17, 2022

The future is here as Ireland’s first ever contactless food store has opened its doors.

“Friction-free” food shopping is the motto of a new hi-tech new store, Market x Flutter, in Dublin.

The store, which was unveiled for the first time yesterday, allows shoppers to select their purchases and leave, without a till in sight.

And we took a trip out to the new shop yesterday, to test drive how it will actually work.

Developed for Irish betting company Flutter by Compass Group Ireland, it stocks fresh meals including a selection of hot and chilled dishes to-go, as well as drinks and confectionery items.

Customers simply “check in” when entering the shop by scanning a QR code on their phone and then freely wander through the store, selecting and bagging produce at their leisure.

With no scanning or queuing in sight, shoppers then walk out with their bag of shopping.

AI-powered computer vision, and almost 80 cameras tracking customer purchases, will then trigger a receipt to be delivered to their phone moments after they leave the store.

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