Let’s Keep Grand Canal Dock Clean

April 26, 2021

Today was another extremely busy day for the teams in Grand Canal.  Please see below images of before and after photographs of Grand Canal Square from this morning 26th April 2021.

This is what businesses, residents, and the teams on the ground have to face into every Monday morning.

We have no issues with people out enjoying the sunshine but we would ask all parties to respect the area and to leave the area as you receive it.

Apleona HSG janitorial team are on site from 5.00 am tomorrow 27th April 2021 .

Powerwashing is scheduled from 5.00 am tomorrow 27th April 2021.

What you can do to assist the management company:

  • Retailers in the area, can you ensure to supply waste bins for your own demise to assist with the increase of waste in the area / estate bins.
  • The estate management has placed large rectangular bins in Grand Canal Square, we would ask all parties who use these additional bins to dispose of their litter in the correct manner.

 Thank you for your support in the above matters.

On behalf of Grand Canal Harbour Management Limited

Apleona Real Estate