Pedestrians, cyclists, buses made priority in ‘return to work’ plan

May 30, 2020

A phased pedestrianisation of Dublin’s College Green is among plans to provide more social distancing during the return to work as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

The plans by Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority restrict road space for private motorists and mean fewer bus stops for commuters.

The report, entitled Enabling the City To Return To Work, also sets out 14 radial routes that will give priority to pedestrians, cyclists, and buses.

The report predicts that public transport capacity will be reduced by 80% because of social distancing so it is aiming at a 100% increase in pedestrians and a 300% increase in cyclists.

To reduce bus queues, fewer buses will use the same stop meaning longer walks for some commuters.

Specific details in relation to Grand Canal Dock routes:

Grand Canal Street – Pearse Street

This route is a vital link from the southside suburbs into Grand Canal Docks and onwards into the north Docklands. Both Grand Canal Dock and Pearse rail stations feed out onto this crossing point, requiring measures to cater for increased pedestrian and cycle movement.

Grand Canal

The Grand Canal greenway runs from the Docklands as far as Portobello. From there westwards, there is no segregated provision for cyclists, despite the link catering for a significant number of cycle trips along its entire length.


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