Student Walkouts across the city to protest cost of living crisis

October 13, 2022

student protesting

(Photo source: Anna Chalkiadaki)

THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS staged a walk-out from lectures this morning in protest against the rising cost of living and its effects on young people.

Third-level students left midway through lectures and tutorials at 11.11am to symbolise the risk of students dropping out of courses due to financial burdens.

Thousands gathered together on their respective campuses to unite and stand alongside one another across the country this morning, imploring their government to make a change.

The union for students in Ireland released a statement which read ‘ Student’s are not an endless money-pit’. The protest is serving as a reminder for the government from the students across the country that education should not be preserved for those who can afford to go far and beyond an established pay wall.

The cause is Ireland, in recent years having the highest third level education fees in the Eu.

dcu su image

(photo credit DCU students union instagram)

Irelands 2023 budget included a reduction in fees for third level education of €1,000, however this only apply’s to this year, leaving some students unsure of where they stand in the future.

The protest is seeking to abolish the student contribution fees and seeking a higher living minimum wage to meet the current and growing cost of living in Ireland.

One of the student’s, Anna ,who took part in the protest claimed that they felt it was a necessary step by the student population of Ireland to claim to their government that enough is enough.

For more on this you can watch the dcu su instagram page