10 of the best places in Dublin for a big stack of pancakes

February 13, 2024

When you just want someone to make the Matilda style pancakes for you.

Sure, if you opt to dine out, you won’t be able to control if “Send Me On My Way” is playing in the background, but you can release the stress of flipping failures and uncooked pancakes by heading out for your stack.

Pancake Tuesday is upon us once more, and we thought the people of Dublin could do with a fresh round up of the best places for a hefty stack in the city. Whether you’re looking for a classic lemon and sugar or a hearty bacon and maple syrup accompaniment, there’ll be something for you on this round-up.

10. One Society

Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin 1 

One Society has a brunch menu that follows an excellent formula of familiarity with a side of imagination. Pancake fans can opt for the “simple” or the “full on” versions and while the full-on has the usual suspects like bacon and maple syrup listed, curious eaters can venture further from the mainstream and sample the house-made pineapple, cinnamon and vanilla compote with whipped cream. They also have something called the ‘Hangover stack’ which sounds just like the cure you need after a heavy night, a plate of pancakes topped with bacon, ricotta cheese, and an ambitious mixture of spicy tabasco and sweet maple syrup – a fried egg on top completes this life-saving plate.

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