At Their Very Best: The 1975 Return To Dublin’s 3Arena This Weekend

January 24, 2023

Hot off the heels of their 5th consecutive number one album ‘Being funny in a foreign language’ Matty Healy and band mates George Daniel, Adam Hann & Ross MacDonald are making their long awaited return to Dublin’s 3Arena as The 1975 (Despite what some would say after an incident pronouncing the name Dearbhla).

The 1975 1

(photo source of The 1975 Twitter)

The Show About The Show

When the Wilmslow formed group steps out onto the stage it will be their first time doing so on Irish soil since their performance on March 3rd 2020, in what many Irish citizens may remember as their last concert pre covid pandemic. The set list that night was wide and varying, swinging genre to genre as only The 1975 can do, with songs such as the raw grunge anthem that is ‘People’ to be followed up later in the set by songs such as ‘The birthday party”.

Similar to how many things have been reevaluated in the two years since that night, The 1975 return having done some introspection within themselves; their new album being a testament to this. ‘Being funny’ is a more cohesive and focused project coming in at their shortest run time yet at 43 minutes. The same can be said for their famed live shows.

In a move that Matty himself had been teasing for the previous two years with regard to how live productions would have to change post pandemic, gone is the grandiose LED set from their previous two tours, and is replaced by a more intimate yet awe inspiring production, bringing to life ‘The show about the show…about the show”.

the 1975 2

(Photo source: The Guardian)

The 1975 At Their Very Best:

Having received glowing 5 star reviews from media outlets such as The Daily Telegraph, The Metro, The Observer & NME among others (and we know how much Matty likes those 5 star reviews )it is clear The 1975’s At their very best is not an exaggeration. This is the band back at their very best.

Matty is the showman he always has appeared to be, blurring the lines between what is performance and art & what is real. The show features some outstanding meta commentary on toxic masculinity and the post modern expressions of that, which have seen The 1975’s frontman doing push-ups in front of images of Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro to name a few. There is a really clever juxtaposition (I had to use the word) between this performance art when paired with such vulnerable songs ‘All I need to hear’ and ‘Im in love with you’.

The show which is set to begin at the earlier than usual time of 8:30 features the majority of the bands latest LP including personal favourite ‘Rick Astley-ish’ bop (to quote Matty)’Happiness’ and broken love ballad ‘Oh Caroline’.  After all that, when you think the show has ended, the band returns to the stage to perform their outstanding ‘Greatest Hits’ setlist which first popped up in its form at the Summersonic performance in Tokyo.


The Verdict

The 1975: At Their Very Best is a shining light piece on what a concert experience and show should be. Having had the pleasure to view The recorded performance from New Yorks Madison Square Garden show, if you are one of the lucky ones who has a ticket to the sold out show in Dublins 3Arena, expect a performance you are likely to never forget. Just be sure to never throw menthols on the stage and be prepared for Antichrist to ring out across Irelands capital on Sunday evening.