7 openers to be aware of in Dublin right now

April 4, 2024

The exact kind of news we love to see, all in one place.

It’s true that openers have been few and far between since 2024 kicked off, slowing down massively from the surge of new openings we saw towards the end of 2023. That said, things do seem to be picking up for new hospitality ventures, with plenty of new spots for us to shout about, many of which have only flung their doors open this very week. We’ve got the reopening of old pubs, a new eatery in a beloved salad chain, not to mention two new bakeries (three if you include Scéal Bakery, which launched at the Greystones Marina last month).

So if you’re a little behind on your Dublin food news, here are all the openers you might have missed hearing about over the last few weeks.

Brown Bag Bakery

Roselawn Shopping Centre, Dublin 15, more info here

We’ve only been discussing how Dublin is in a bit of bakery boom, even writing a full feature on the phenomena, when we were proved right once again with the opening of Brown Bag Bakery (10/10 name), based in Blanchardstown.

There’s something about a bakery set up that has display pastries out on translucent brown paper, with each one labelled in black marker that just makes it known the baked goods themselves are bound to be legendary. The space is pared back and looks somewhat undone, but the pastries on display, the pear and almond bun in particular looks sensational.

Coffee is also on the cards, with beans sourced from Groundwork Coffee Co.


Camden Street, more info here

A highly anticipated opener for anyone working in and around Camden Street, it’s time for the shutters to lift on Sprout’s sixth Dublin location.

Even the person most opposed to the salad as a meal will have to take their hat off to the bowls that come out of Sprout. The warm bowls in particular will keep you satiated well past your dinner time, the kind of meal that has you pop on some beans and toast at 9pm because you nearly forgot to eat before bed altogether.

It’s hard to choose a fighter from Sprout; I had something of a relationship with the Charred Chicken taco bowl, before embarking on a brief rendezvous with the Bombay bowl, and finally settling into a love affair with the simple but effective Sataysfied bowl (yes, I’m using romantic relations as a metaphor, that’s how much of a fan I am of Sprout).

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