Dublin Docklands could be ‘giant urban playground’ under new waterways plan.

December 5, 2023

Waterways Ireland 10-year plan to invest €200m in first three years, north-south body says.

Dublin’s docklands could be transformed into “a giant urban playground for people of all ages, abilities, and interests,” according to a 10-year plan published by Waterways Ireland this week.

The plan, which sets out a strategic vision for developing recreational opportunities across Ireland’s waterways, greenways and blueways, will invest €200m in its first three years.

Waterways Ireland is the cross-border body responsible for managing and developing Ireland’s inland navigable waterways. It covers 1,100km of canals, rivers and lakes as well as over 600km of cycleways and trails.

“We want to encourage more people to use our waterways and natural amenities, while conserving the cultural heritage to ensure future generations enjoy everything our waterways have to offer,” said CEO, John McDonagh.

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