Dublin’s iconic Poolbeg Towers to be painted this year

June 4, 2024

The Poolbeg Towers, which dominate Dublin’s skyline, will be painted this year, according to a city councillor.

Dermot Lacey, Labour councillor for Pembroke and a former Lord Mayor, said he is delighted that the Poolbeg Towers are being maintained during the summer.

“They haven’t been painted in a long time, they need a bit of freshening up,” he told the Irish Independent.

“Dubliners like the chimneys, they’ve become iconic symbols of Dublin. They should be kept in good condition, it’s something I’ve been wanting for quite a long time, so I’m delighted.

“It’s the first thing you see when you’re flying into Dublin and the last thing you see when you’re leaving. They’re symbols of Dublin, and they’re symbols of our industrial heritage which I believe we don’t cherish enough.

“We had a meeting with the ESB this morning at Poolbeg. They’ve confirmed that work will start on repairing, replacing any parts that need replacing and painting in the latter part of this year.”

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