Plans lodged for 11 storey hotel in Dublin’s Docklands

December 27, 2022

In Dublin’s Docklands, plans for an 11-story hotel next to the Harbourmaster Bar would provide “critically needed hospitality capacity.”

This is supported by a planning report submitted to Dublin City Council along with a 96-room hotel planning application from Sean Doyle’s Harbourmaster Bar Ltd.

The project “incorporates an outstanding architectural concept that may make a genuine contribution to the wider metropolis,” according to Downey Planning and Architecture.

According to the Merrion Square-based planning and architecture consultancy, the proposed 11-story height for the hotel is well established in the neighborhood after recent planning licenses for the region ranging from 10 to 16 storeys in height.

The planned hotel “is a unique design to ensure that the idea effectively integrates,” according to the newspaper.

According to the report, the hotel’s design considered the architectural style of the nearby Harbourmaster Pub and will complement the neighborhood’s existing structures.

According to the planning report, the project will offer high-quality tourism capacity that will help Dublin maintain its reputation as a desirable travel destination.