Dublin’s Docklands is open!

July 10, 2020

Ireland is reopening! While we can now begin to explore the country further, why not start on our own doorstep?

In a bid to promote this neighbourhood, Dublin’s Dockland’s cafes, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions have come together to launch a marketing campaign inviting visitors to explore what their area has to offer.

From world-class visitor attractions, plenty of wide-open space to an excellent selection of bars and restaurants, Dublin’s Docklands has all you need for a great day out.

There are a number of unique QR code about businesses and attractions that are open in their immediate location as part of this outdoor campaign.

If you wish to know what is open in the Docklands area, you can simply scan the QR code advertised on over 100 Belly Bins and you will be brought to this landing page where you will  get a list of attractions, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. that are open and the opening hours.

The list will be updated on a daily basis and you can get in touch if your business is not listed. Just send your details by clicking here.

This campaign was made possible by the support of: Dublin City Council Smart Docklands, iHubbs Media, Fáilte Ireland, Dublin Port Co, Waterways Ireland, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum.