How to enjoy the brighter evenings in Dublin

May 10, 2022

With brighter evenings comes a sense that the days are longer and therefore, full of more opportunities for enriching and enjoyable experiences.

Although we don’t actually get any extra hours on top of our usual 24, most would argue that when the evenings get brighter, our late hours get way better.

Here are nine things to do in Dublin with the brighter evenings.

Canal Walks

Dublin’s Grand Canal and Royal Canal make for some lovely evening strolls, whether it’s towards home from the office or getting some fresh air after working from home.

Starting at Drumcondra to make your way down the Royal Canal, you will find plenty of spots for coffee and snacks around Phibsborough.

Meanwhile, Dublin’s Grand Canal starts from Grand Canal Dock. If you’re beginning your walk here, we recommend heading to Nutbutter for coffee and treat as it opens into the late evening.

Following the canal, you will also find some lovely spots in Portobello.

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