Dublin’s Iconic Clery’s Clock Unveiled After Restoration

January 17, 2023

In preparation for the launch of a historical display within the former Dublin department store, the iconic Clerys clock has been completely restored and made public.

This morning, the Lord Mayor of Dublin unveiled the fully restored clock as part of the opening of the exhibition and the reopening of the building itself. However, it needed some fast adjusting as it was roughly 15 minutes early. Within the structure, the renovated Clerys Quarter shopping center will open in four months.

However, visitors can now once more enter the O’Connell Street structure to view the historical exhibition Clerys: The Archives. Caroline Conroy, the Lord Mayor, said “The Clerys building is an iconic Dublin landmark, and it is tremendous news for the city to see it restored to its full glory. The Clerys Exhibition, which opens today, charts the exceptional history of this building and its role in the centre of Dublin life for generations.”

The display includes historical records, artifacts, and photos that illustrate the tale of the Dublin landmark, including the original 1847 lease. It will be free to the general public and open through January 30.

In four months, the renovated structure will debut as a “world-class” retail, office, and entertainment destination. The structure will include office space, an H&M, a rooftop restaurant with a panoramic view, and five new food and beverage businesses, including the recently renovated tea rooms.
According to Core Capital CEO Derek McGrath, Clerys Quarter will incorporate both classic and contemporary ideas to create a new city center destination that will revitalize Dublin’s famous boulevard.