It’s very important to celebrate the Dublin women who can get lost in history

February 20, 2024

New photo exhibition opens on life in Dublin’s Docklands.

A Dublin photographer has said “‘it’s very important to celebrate the women who sometimes get lost in history”.

A new exhibition, showcasing the lives and history of the community of Dublin’s Docklands, is now open to the public at the Windmill Quarter in Dublin’s South Docks.

Named Docklanders, the exhibition features images by photographic artist Jeanette Lowe, as well as old photographs from the local community, and some of the 6,000 photographs collected by the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society.

While many of the men living in the area worked as dockers, there were other industries located in the Docklands area.

Many women worked in factories and mills located on the north and south docks. Up until the early 1970s they would often be required to stop working once they were married – Jeanette believes it’s important to remember them too.

“The dockers, the men, would be the first ones to say there were women as well. That’s what I want to highlight, the women, the community,” she said.

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