Ireland beating the All Blacks in 2016 named greatest Irish sporting moment of 21st century

February 22, 2024

Other memorable Irish and Northern Irish victories include the nation’s 2018 rugby Six Nations Grand Slam win, and Katie Taylor winning boxing gold at the 2012 Olympics.

Ireland’s greatest sporting moment of the 21st century has been revealed – Ireland beating the All Blacks for the first time in 2016. Sports fans from Ireland and Northern Ireland have had their say, and the landmark victory over New Zealand came top.

Second place went to Katie Taylor for her boxing gold at the 2012 Olympics, while third spot was another success for the Irish men’s rugby union team – their 2018 Six Nations grand slam win.

The Irish Women’s football team qualification for the 2023 World Cup came fourth, and Katie Taylor’s fifth boxing World Championship gold, in 2014, fittingly came fifth.

The poll of 2,000 adults, who watch sport, was commissioned by, which has also created a quiz where fans can test their knowledge of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s 21st century triumphs.


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