Rocky Horror Show hits Bord Gais Theatre for limited run

January 10, 2023

“The live show has an energy that the movie doesn’t have”

Something for fans of The Rocky Horror Show to look forward to as Richard O’Brien speaks of its upcoming limited run in the Bord Gais Theatre.

The show’s creator, O’Brien is well aware of how the show has remained popular for over five decades.

“It’s not rocket science, It’s very inclusive. it’s very easy to watch.”

“1972-73 was a moment of change. Glam rock and overt sexuality was around, gay people were coming out and there was a ‘buzz’ in the air.

“There are certain parts of the world where we are a little bit more free to be ourselves. London is certainly one of them. Back in the ’70s you had gay bars. Now you don’t need to because if you walk into most bars in London there will be a gay man behind the bar. That is rather nice”

The show

Speaking on the elements that bring The Rocky Horror Show together, O’Brien explains “The plot and dialogue for The Rocky Horror Show are raids on populist things: from advertising, from comics, from B movies, from sci-fi. It’s a complete and utter raid upon all those elements; a joyous raid.”

It is rare for a show which first graced the stage in 1973 to draw consistent audiences as it approaches its 50th anniversary. The show, which comes to Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy theatre on the 30th of January will stand to mark the incredible milestone.

Richard recants an interaction with some fans of the show where he claims;”Once some fans came up to me and said, ‘did you leave the gaps between the lines so that we the audience could say our lines?’ I said, ‘Well, OK yes’. But no we didn’t. The movie is a very surreal, almost dreamlike journey, the live show is far more rock and roll.”

“The noise at the end of Rocky is wonderful — it is empowering and exhilarating at the same time it is quite joyous. Rocky never fails to deliver.”

Catch The Rocky Horror Show, live on stage at The Bord Gais Energy Theatre from January 30th- February 4th 2023. You can find tickets and information here.