Meet the unusual pet who loves the Grand Canal Dock area

January 5, 2023

This week, early-morning commuters in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock are did a double-take when they saw a peculiar pet being led on its daily stroll.

Meet Anna Yatskiv, the proud owner of Benjamin, a lovely blue and gold long-tailed parrot.

Every morning, Anna, who lives in the city’s center, leads Benjamin on a loop through Dublin while halting traffic and onlookers in their tracks.

“I take him for a walk in the morning before work, he loves the outside and being in the fresh air,” she said.

“I also really love taking him hiking. People always want to know can he talk and yes, he can.”

Benjamin, who is about four years old, and Ms. Yatskiv have established a daily pattern, and members of the public enjoy engaging with the bird.

“We loop across the Liffey and he is especially fond of Grand Canal Dock. He loves eating fruit and vegetables. We give him nuts as a treat,” she said.

“People approach very often on our walks and sometimes I’m still half asleep. Everyone says ‘Oh my God’, they just love being around him.

“I just love birds and love reading about them. I had a bird as a child, I love him so much, but my mum thinks I’m crazy,” she added.

Anna gives some advice for anyone thinking about obtaining a macaw as a pet.

“Getting a macaw is not a decision to be taken lightly, they are a bit like toddlers that never grow up,” she said.

“I got him almost two years ago, and he is very attached. He will almost attack my sister if she gives me a kiss”

“Macaws are rowdy, funny and affectionate clowns that will give you all the love and loyalty you will ever need if you understand that, no matter what, they are still macaws.

“Benjamin is very dramatic, if you leave him alone in the room unoccupied, he will scream seeking your attention.

“They can be very messy, scattering food and feathers everywhere. It is definitely a serious commitment,”.

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