Waterways Ireland Still Considering Options on Graving Docks Site

April 6, 2023

According to the Minister for Heritage, Waterways Ireland is still considering various options for the graving docks at Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock. This comes in response to a recent written question from Dublin Bay South TD Chris Andrews regarding the future use of the graving docks, also known as City Block 19. The Minister stated that the site is designated for residential, commercial, and community development within the North Lotts and Grand Canal Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). Waterways Ireland is still examining options, including potentially disposing of the site. However, if a disposal is pursued, a minimum reserve price reflecting fair market value would be set. Plans to sell the heritage graving docks in Ringsend have been discussed for over two years, and the cross-border body for Ireland’s inland waterways confirmed in February 2021 that it was considering various options for the sale of the site. The site is one of the last undeveloped land parcels of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone.