Grand Canal Harbour Management Company Limited Project Work 2023 – Progress Update Communication Report. Thursday 6th April 2023.

April 11, 2023

• Painting of the Green Benches. In the interest of good estate management, we confirm the painting of the green benches in Grand Canal Square has been completed.

• Red Poles Feature Lighting Painting. We write to advise the painting of the 36 red feature light stacks lower metal supports has been completed.

• Chimney Park Playground Upgrade. The upgrade work to change the sand to a safety surfacing flexotop wet pour system for the playground had been scheduled. This safety surfacing solution is being laid to improve the safety in the area and in the interest of good estate management. The Kompan flexotop wet pour system product is a porous eco friendly material which is slip resistance, hard wearing with no joints or seams, resistant also to UV and is usable in all weather conditions and is wheelchair friendly. We advise this upgrade work in Chimney Park, is due to commence on the 17th of April, and we expect the playground to be re-opened in over a week period from the start of the works.


Permit System (Works / Events)

There is a permit system in place for any works or proposed event which will cross over common area demise. There is a designated permit email set up for all applications Please note there is a minimum three-day processing time frame on permit applications if all the documentation is submitted correctly and in accordance with the permit application unless it is of an emergency nature. Apleona Ireland Real Estate would request all stakeholders and occupants to advise their contractors of the permit system in place and direct them to the relevant email and department and please note there is a volume of applications for promotional and branding events which are not permitted in Grand Canal. Please also note DCC own the fibre chambers in Grand Canal Harbour Management Limited and Novegan manages issuing of permits in relation to any underground chambers.


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