Late Late Toy Show Audience Applications for 2022 Open

October 25, 2022

Big news for Irish citizens as the applications are openĀ  for one of the biggest annual events in Irish Television. The opportunity to be an audience member on ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ is always an extremely exciting prospect for most of the Irish population.

The show, which is hosted by Ryan Tubridy requires those wishing to be an audience member to provide important details such as why they would like to take a place in the audience this year as well as their contact details and how they and their families prepare for the festive period each year.

Upon making the applications for the show live, RTE have issued a statement warning those who wish to apply to be aware that once their applications are accepted, their tickets are non transferrable and in a case where a person shows up with a transferred ticket, they will be refused admission.

As part of the applications the RTE producers have also requested to include any funny or quirky stories that the applicant may have that they would comfortable sharing, what their Christmas wish may be and whether they and their guest would be willing to take part in audience interaction.

If you would be interested in applying for a place as an audience member for the show, you can find the application here