Why Grand Canal Dock and the Dublin Docklands are excellent locations to visit

October 28, 2022


grand canal dock

To those of you who haven’t yet been, or those of you who don’t visit frequently or even those who simply just pass through, It can be difficult sometimes to observe and enjoy the luxury we have available on our own doorstep. Grand Canal Dock and The Dublin Docklands are a continually growing area of Dublin, which have so much to offer. In this article, we will run through how you could make the most of a day in these wonderful locations.

This one day Dublin itinerary takes you on a tour of Grand Canal Dock and the Dublin Docklands.

Morning Coffee Is a must for most of us, and what better way to start the day than to make a visit to the Art Of Coffee shop. A truly excellent small Dublin based chain where it seems the baristas never make the same pattern twice. If you are feeling in the mood of a snack there is also a new addition to grand canal dock in the form of an American style cookie truck nearby. The drunken cookie is sure to have a cookie on the menu to satisfy any craving.

If you would rather sit in for some hot dishes in the morning, local establishment ‘A table’ is sure to be a good choice. The french inspired cafe has a range of tempting offerings.

Once you have had your most important meal of the day, you can take a walking loop of the docklands where you are sure to many excellent photo opportunities on the right day. The area is covered in interesting and edgy street art to liven up the docklands including the in famous red forest of poles by the Board Gais theatre. On your travels you will likely stumble across many global companies Irish headquarters such as Meta and soon to be the location of Tiktok.

The list of interesting activities are endless depending on what interests you. If you are feeling adventurous you could even make time for a bit of kayaking on the Grand Canal. 

Those interested in music will find interesting locations such as Windmill lane not too far away, a location which has hosted recording sessions by some of the worlds most influential artists for example U2, Van Morrisson, Sinead O’Connor.

As mentioned The Board Gais Theatre is a popular location in the area and there are always must see shows available to watch.

There are a plethora of restaurants in the area to cater for any appetite. These range from traditional take aways to Italian franchises and include fine dining in places such as the nearby Westin hotel.

Of course you can round out the night by visiting any one of the nearby bars which are always booming with life.

This is just one way you could make the most of a day at Grand Canal Dock. With the area growing, this is only going to mean positive things for it’s locals and those who may visit to experience its magic.